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Pastoral Link

Although we do not currently have our own minister who is solely responsible for our church, our Missional Partnership minister, Revd Kurauone Mutimwii, is able to give us any necessary help and assistance. He knows us well, and we are very happy that he has been appointed to this role.


In the United Reformed Church there is a team ministry at the heart of every local congregation called the Elders. The Elders are elected representatives who work with the Minister, who are responsible for the life of their local church. Their particular areas of responsibility include worship, mission and outreach, and pastoral care of the congregation.

Church Contacts

For information relating to the worship and ministry of our church, general enquiries about our Church, please contact:
Caron Small Church Contact

For information relating to Baptisms, Weddings and Funeral, please contact:
Alison Haigh Local Leader

The person responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of our buildings is:
Geoff Sutcliffe Buildings Secretary

For specific questions relating to our premises or for financial enquiries, please contact;
Allan Haigh Treasurer

For questions and comments about this website, please contact:
Allan Haigh Webmaster

To enquire about hiring a room at Heald Green United Reformed Church, please visit the ‘Premises, Facilities, Room Hire’ section in the main menu.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

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