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Children and Young People

The Charter for Children in our Church

1mb Charter 1

– Children are equal partners with adults in the life of the church.

– The full diet of Christian worship is for children as well as adults.

– Learning is for the whole church, adults and children.

– Fellowship is for all – each belonging meaningfully to the rest

– Service is for children to give, as well as adults.

– The call to evangelism comes to all God’s people of whatever age.

– The Holy Spirit speaks powerfully through children as well as adults.

– The discovery and development of gifts in children and adults is a key function of the church

– As a church community we must learn to do only those things in separate age groups                   which we cannot in all conscience do together

– The concept of the “Priesthood of all Believers” includes children.


See also our Safeguarding Policy

Heald Green United Reformed Church – where Children are Equals

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